Aug 6, 2010

What I found in the garden... part one.

I've been dividing my posts into two parts lately. This set is devoted to: 'what I found in my grandmother's garden'. There are so many small screatures there that I'm not able to name all of them. Today I want to show you two butterflies and a moth. At least that's what I thing they are. Maybe I'm wrong - I think the last one is a moth and the first three photos show butterflies. What do You think?


  1. Wow....these pictures are very nice,
    harpness and colors are excellent.

    Wish you a very good weekend,

    regards, Joop

  2. nie wydają się przyłapane..zdjęcia jakby wyczekane i uchwycone..Piękne..

  3. Super ujęcia!
    Piękne kolory :)

  4. Lovely pictures Joanna.
    The first two are a Meadow brown butterfly, the third a Ringlet butterfly, and the last, a Small Skipper butterfly.
    Beautiful captures.

  5. Troszkę wyczekane, troszkę z przypadku;) Dziękuję za opinie:)

    Thanks for Your comments -it means a lot to me:)