Aug 2, 2010

Rivers - part one.

After four days in Slovakia we were so desperate that we went back home. The first two days were not so bad - it wasn't raining but clouds were hanging so low that we hardly saw the nearby mountains. Later the rain unabled any hiking or wandering so we made the decisio to go home. We are going back to mountains when the weather is better. This time we decided to go to Polish Tatras.

In the mentioned weather conditions I was shooting either caves (I need to work on these shots a little bit longer) or rivers. Here is the first part of river photos - Slovakia 2010:)


  1. Rewelacyjne zdjęcia!
    Doskonale zamrożona woda :)


  2. bardzo pięknie uchwycona woda...brawo!

  3. Hello Joanna

    Thats fantastic....I like these pictures,
    well done !

    warm greetings, Joop

  4. I'm sorry to hear the weather wasn't kind for your holiday Joanna.
    These first shot though, are excellent. I love the feeling of movement in the first one, and the last one.
    I can almost hear the water, as it crashes over the rocks.

  5. Bardzo Wam dziękuję kochani:)

    Thank you very much, Joop:)

    Keith, the weather wasn't perfect but nothing's lost. As a teacher I've got another month off and I hope we will go somewhere this summer. I'm glad You like these photos:)