Jul 24, 2010


We're going on our holidays tomorrow. Our destination is Slovakia. The region we will be spending time in is called Demianovska Valley. I hope the weather will be better than the forecast. We're going to hike a lot as well as visit three great caves. I've visited them when I was a child and I can't wait to see them again!

In the meantime, we're going to relax just like our Figa... just look:

Jul 20, 2010

How to make a camera backpack - tutorial.

There are many kinds of camera backpacks in the market. They are usually quite small and all they can hold are a few lenses and a camera. There are of course million small pockets for your memory cards and other small stuff. I know that such backpacks are practical and lots of people use them, but what I was looking was a 45-liter backpack with one pouch for the camera and stuff, and another one for my jacket, sweater or just food and water. Unfortunately, I didn't find one. I started to look through the Internet in order to find some advice about what to do in my situation. I found an opinion of a young person on one of the million forums I had visited, who was writing about you can make your own camera backpack at home. The idea was good and I thought... why not?

This is how I did it:

1. Things you need: a backpack suitable for you (it should have at least two big pouches), an old foam pad, a sharp knife, scissors, a measuring tape, cloth, self-adhesive velcro and two-sided scotch tape.

2. Firstly, you have to measure the pouch which will be your camera pouch and cut the foam pad into suitable peaces. There should be a separate piece for the bottom, both sides, back etc.

3. Once you make the pieces, you shoud try if they fit by placing all of them inside the pouch.

4. Then you must find someone who can use a sewing machine and ask him/her to do you a favour:) In my case it was my belovid mother.

5. During the process of covering the foam pieces with the cloth, you should carefully measure everything over and over again to make everything suited (for example we must have to prepare the front piece three times).

6. Once you have all of the pieces ready, it's time for the self-adhesive velcro. You should stick both its parts in right places so that they will meet when you place a foam piece in the backpack.

7. Ok. The inside is ready. Now it's time fot the partition walls. I joined together two layers of the foam to make them more stiff. Again, you should try if they fit and then cover them with the cloth. To place them inside the backpack, use the self-adhesive velcro.

8. This is the end. The final effect is as follows:

I hope someone will find this description useful:)

Jul 19, 2010


I can proudly present the project of my future website. It is created by a very talented graphic designer - my husband. I can't wait its publication on the Internet. It's got everythink I like - the colours, climate and the fact that it will by my own page:)

Photo Gallery
Presentation of Vertical Photos
Presentation of Horizontal Photos

More Clematis

When I'm writing this post there are almost no flowers left on my mother's Clematis. It's so sad. It makes me think that this summer (either hot as hell or cold and windy - like today) will end some time. All we want is a few days of normal, summer weather... is it too much to ask?

Anyway... in a few days I'm going for my holidays and I hope the weather in Slovakia will be at least a little bit more understanding:)

Jul 13, 2010


Here is a collection of dead bugs.

I know what You think... "you're a cruel person, Asia". For my defence I can say that I didn't kill them. They all come from the huge collection of my friend's father I was writing about in the previous post. He collects all kinds of bugs and insects from all of the world. He keeps them in the fridge and in show-cases on walls. His collection is huge and the butterfly from the previous post comes from it too.

I was wondering if You could tell if these bugs are dead. I know they are, so for me it's obvious. I think that their eyes are too mat and without this "spark". Especially the bug from the first picture. What do You think?

I'm working on this one right now:)

Jul 2, 2010

Flying rainbow.

This beautiful butterfly was "captured" in this photo by me thanks to a great person. My friend's father knows almost everything about various species of bugs, butterflies, moths and other little creatures:) It was him who has shown me this butterfly. Soon there will be more such photos on my blog.