Jul 13, 2010


Here is a collection of dead bugs.

I know what You think... "you're a cruel person, Asia". For my defence I can say that I didn't kill them. They all come from the huge collection of my friend's father I was writing about in the previous post. He collects all kinds of bugs and insects from all of the world. He keeps them in the fridge and in show-cases on walls. His collection is huge and the butterfly from the previous post comes from it too.

I was wondering if You could tell if these bugs are dead. I know they are, so for me it's obvious. I think that their eyes are too mat and without this "spark". Especially the bug from the first picture. What do You think?

I'm working on this one right now:)


  1. Nope! They look alive to me. So does the butterfly.

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  2. I wouldn't have known they were dead, unless you had said so. Excellent shots Joanna.

  3. So, it looks like the pictures show alive beetles then... no one has to know:) Thanks Abe and Keith!

  4. I love your opening lines " Here are some photos of dead bugs! " What a way to announce your lovely shots to the World :-)) That made me chuckle.
    Thanks for viewing my blog too. Great shots Asia !