Aug 20, 2010

Another lake:)

This lake is called "Gąsienicowy". It is not one of the five lakes from my previous posts. It's a separate place, also beautiful, located in the Tatra Mountains.

I'm having trouble with colours and brightness on my computer lately. I don't know how to adjust the brightness of some photos in PS. Ysterday I was checking my blog on my parents' computer and it turned out that they are far too dark - sometimes I couldn't even believe that these are the same photos I was working with last week. Now I don't know if they are too dark? My computer may give me a false image. What do You think of the brightness in my photos, especially the last panoramas. Do they look unnatural?


  1. Hello Joanna

    Let me tell you that your pictures are really great....this blog is so compliments.

    greetings and a nice weekend, Joop

  2. These are superb pictures Joanna. They look just perfect to me. Excellent compositions. Numbers 2,3,and 4 in particular; and the second one would look great framed for the wall.

  3. Wspaniałe ujęcia!
    Pięknie tam jest :)

  4. Thank you very much. I appreciate all your comments. I'm glad you like my photos:)

  5. These are amazing pictures. I wish my mountain pictures were this good.