Apr 21, 2010

The first trip.

Finally! After almost seven months of ugly weather we were able to go somewhere during the weekend. We have visited nearby mountains, of course. During the trip we have met this little fellow. "He" was really understanding and very patient as I took like fifty pictures of him.

And now a riddle. What do you thing it is?


  1. These are excellent Joanna. Pin sharp.

    Hmmm, the mystery pictures. Not sure. Looks like some sort of bone?

  2. Thanks, Keith.
    As for the riddle... no it isn't a bone:) Maybe another shot?

  3. These have got me beat. Remains of a nest, or something similar? An insect has made?

  4. You're right, Keith:) It's an old, dry trunk which was eaten by some kind of an insect.