Jun 11, 2011

The Tatra Mountains - early summer trip.

Last weekend we were visiting our beloved mountains - Tatras. The weather was pretty good, although there were storms everyday at noon so we had to start our trips really early in the morning. We certainly relaxed there, as usual, as it is a perfect place for taking a deep breath and chilling out.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone:)


  1. What stunning scenery. I think I could spend many hours there; it looks so peaceful.

  2. Piękne!! Choć wolę ośnieżone..to te widoki zapierają dech..Uwielbiam! Pozdrawiam.A.

  3. Beautiful!
    I found your Blog when i was lookin´ for Wodzisław Śląski - Blogs, ´cause i lived there more than 20 years ago and try to find back some old friends.
    Very beautiful shots!

    Regards from Cologne,


  4. Thanks Luiza. Check my blog out from time to time:)