Sep 15, 2010

Two busy weeks...

I've been trying to write something for the last two weeks. Unfortunately, there are such periods in a teacher's life that she (or he) has no time for anything. The beginning of a new school year was very stressful for me. I think that's why I'm sick now - my immunity was weakened. I didn't have much free time to look through your new posts, my dear readers, but I'm going to check them out this week as I've got a few days off.

What I want to show you today are two panoramas from Tatras. Both were taken in the Chochołowska Valley. I love this valley for beautiful views and the fact that there is a possibility of renting a bike. I'm joking now... but I'm going to use it the next time I'll be there as the trail is very long. Thanks to the bikes you can save your strength and visit nearby peaks.


  1. I hope you start to feel better soon Joanna; I know what it's like to feel down, recovering myself at the moment. Nature is a great tonic, and that looks a beautiful place to explore.

  2. Hey, How do you feel?
    This images amazed like here in Romania!
    Here you have the link :

    Ok. I wait for you to feel better!
    Keep up the good work, my friend!

  3. Beautiful panoramas. I wish I were in the Polish mountains now.

  4. Looks great Joanna!
    Keep up the outstanding work.

  5. I feel better, thanks;) Polish mountains are beautiful, indeed;) Thanks for Your comments;)