Apr 16, 2012

My lovely little daughter:)

I was going to post some photos of my little baby girl since she was born... and bam! She has just finished her fifth month of life. I have neglected this blog since her birthday but I hope it's going to change now.

Lately, I've been busy not only because of my little daughter but also because I've been trying to set up my business. I've got my own website - thanks to my beloved husband. You can visit it here: http://durczokfotografia.pl/

I'm fascinated with newborn, children and family photography. I hope it will become my new way of earning money. Hopefully I will not have to go back to school, where I currently work:)

Anyway, here are a few photos of Hania:)


  1. She is very beautiful Joanna.
    They certainly grow up fast.

    Good luck with the new business venture. I'm sure it will be a success.