Aug 27, 2009

Austrian churches.

What I found quite interesting during our trip (apart from the mountains of course) were Austraian churches. There are basicly two types of church towers. One of them is shown in my photos - very steep and sharp, high towers. There are also roofs with two spheres placed in the middle of the sharp, slender tower.
Churches are perfecly fitted to Austrian architecture style. Together with colourful houses and mountains they create almost a fairy tale scenery.

Aug 24, 2009

Sometimes one photo isn't enough.

This post is going to present you my first experiences with making panorama pictures. You must know that mountains are my favourite objects to take pictures of. And I'm sure that most of you will agree that it's almost impossible to show a magnificent and giant mountain landscape taking only one picture. There's always a piece of land that you aren't able to place in the photo. That's why I decided that our trip to the Alps was the best opportunity to try it. These are the pictures I've managed to take...

And now a little curiosity... I've managed to join 5 photos into one panorama picture... Don't hesitate to write your opinions;)

Aug 4, 2009

A butterfly

Sometimes, a great object to take photos of, appears unexpectedly. Like in case of this butterfly which crossed my and my husband's way some time ago. The photos were taken without any tripod or support and their sharpness isn't ideal. But still, I'm a little bit proud of them as it was the first butterfly in my life which didn't take off at the sight of me.

On friday I'm going to my holiday combined with my honeymoon. I hope the weather will be great and I will take some good photos. We are going to try our new lens, too (hopefully it will be delivered till friday).