Jun 26, 2010

Meadow paths

These are a few shots from this week. I don't know the name of these meadow flowers but I do know that they are beautiful and make evening walks more pleasourable. Wandering through meadows, rural paths or woods is the best thing (except cycling) in summer. I recommend it to all of you:)

Jun 20, 2010


I love these flowers. Unfortunately the weather wasn't good enough to take more photos of them. These two were in quite bad condition when I found them. I hope they will be blooming again this year so that I can shoot them.

Jun 12, 2010


Some time ago I promissed myself that I will take a perfect photo of a leaf. I've been trying to do it today but I don't think it is what I intended. Anyway, here are some of my shots:)

The Beskidy Mountains.

FINALLY! The weather I love. It's sunny, hot and it is not raining! I couldn't wait to visit my beloved mountains so we went to Beskidy last weekend.

Some mushrooms we've found on our way.

There is Skrzyczne on the left and Slovak Fatra in the background on the right.