Mar 27, 2010

Fly, fly little fly.

These are "my" flies that I met some time ago. And so far, they are my only insects that are pretty sharp and "detailed":) I hope this year will be more generous for me in case of bugs and other small creatures.

Mar 23, 2010


This flower looks in my photos like it was made of plastic. I'm not fully sattisfied with them fot this reason. I'm not sure if the lighting wasn't good enough or my vision of presenting them, but these aren't my best shots.
Anyway, better something than nothing:) There are still almost no flowers outside, not even one fresh blade of grass:/ But finally, everything is changing and hopefully, I will soon treat you with something more than just some cut flowers:)

Mar 13, 2010

A drop

Lately I was working on shooting a drop that would be ideal. It means, that it would be extremely sharp. This one is not perfect but it's one of my best drops ever:)

Mar 9, 2010

Spring tulips

Day after day I wonder where spring is! I can't wait for warm and sunny days. That's why I'm trying to make myself feel better and I take photos of flowers that my beloved husband gives me. Today, I present tulips. I hope You will like them, and they will make You feel better, too:)

Mar 5, 2010


I'm not sure if Muscari is the actual english name of these flowers, but it's the only one I've found. As (hopefully) spring is coming, we've bought these beautiful spring flowers to decorate our kitchen. They were so beautiful for couple of days, but now they look like mutants. Anyway, during their days of beauty, I took a few photos of them and here they are.